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At GoodShape PT we adopt a holistic approach addressing mobility, strength and stamina to help you achieve your goals. We design every session ourselves, meaning each session is perfectly balanced to push your limits but keeping the training fun! We use a variety of exercises, equipment and training methods. This enables us to continue to push your body in different way, thus forcing your body to continue to adapt. This adaption is what gives you improved strength, boosts your cardiovascular fitness and will result in weight loss or muscle building depending on what your goal is.

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Our Mission

We believe in building fitter communities. Building a fitter community should be inclusive of everyone, no matter your shape or experience, and it should be enjoyable – let’s face it, if it wasn’t fun, you wouldn’t want to do it. So we have created our unique training style that balances having fun and getting you results. And we can do all this in just 45 minutes a day, with either our Boot Camps or Personal Training.


Train with others from your community and build new friendships.


We encourage everyone to be friends and to make training a fun, enjoyable place you want to come to.


We believe everyone is special, don’t be another number at a big gym.


We want fun, enjoyable places for you to workout in, but most importantly, we want to get you the results you are after.

Reaching your fitness goals starts with just a click.



Easton Park, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia

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Killara Park, Killara NSW 2071, Australia

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Easton Park, Rozelle, NSW 2039. Get directions


Killara Park, Killara, NSW 2071. Get directions



Our Boot Camps and Personal Training in Sydney are the perfect way to get fit!  We aim to be inspiring, challenging and motivating. We're also determined to help you reach your fitness goals, so we’ll keep you on track and make sure you have a good time on the journey too. Why? Because training should be fun and enjoyable, but we also understand there is nothing more rewarding than achieving your goals. So no matter what your fitness level or experience is, we are here to get you into GOODSHAPE!